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Keychains & Cell Phone Charms

Our dreamcatcher key chains and dreamcatcher cell phone charms are very popular. All of these gifts are not only great to look at but they are durable as well. Each item is hand made or carved and is one of a kind.

  SKU Product Price
MONcell4 Dream catcher cell phone charm with blue beads $6.50
MONzp1 Dreamcatcher Zipper Pull with Turquoise $7.25
MONcell1 Dream Catcher Cell phone charm with colored bead $6.50
MONmm11-brn DreamCatcher Keychain $6.49
MONcelt33 wolf totem cell phone charm $6.50
MONcell21 Dreamcatcher cell phone charm with turquoise chip $6.50
MONcelt31 Bear totem cell phone charm $6.50
MONcelt34 Turtle totem cell phone charm $6.50
monzpt34 Turtle totem zipper pull $6.95
monzpt31 Bear totem zipper pull $6.95
MONcell3 Dreamcatcher Cell Phone Charm $6.50
monzpt32 Eagle totem zipper pull $6.95