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Ed Kabotie- Origins


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Tribal Affiliation: Hopi


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The Songs
    1. Origins is a song that summarizes the coming of our people to their native homelands. The verses are actually a paraphrase of a prayer by the Oglala holy man, "Black Elk".

    2. Grain of the Gold is a tribute to the most sacred crop of the Americas. The verses describe the metaphor of how a healthy crop pictures a healthy life. The Hopi chorus is a cry for rain  to water the fields so that the green corn plants will rise from the earth.

    3. Sing With Me is a song to remind ourselves to maintain our serenity in the midst of troubles. Nature sings continually around us, and we should learn to do the same. The last Chorus is an English translation of what is sun in Indian.

    4. Rounds of Life was written to encourage us to be generous in life. The song expresses the universal truth that what we give will ultimately return to us. The Tewa chorus tells us that God will give back to us what we give to others.

    5. The Great Sacrifice was originally meant to express the sacrificial life of arctic people. The song evolved  into a tribute to those who give their lives so that others can live.  I am grateful for the sacrifice of those who guard  our freedom and values.

    6. Migration is a song that represents  our life journey.  The Canadian Goose's migration is used as a metaphor for the difficult paths we are sometimes called to walk. It is a wonderful but agonizing gift to discover your life's calling.

    7. Loloma begins with a description of life out of balance. The song then describes  healing rains contributing to a fruitful life, and ends with the Hopi word for all things good, "Loloma". Special thanks to "consultants" Ruben Saufkie and Michael Kabotie.

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