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Large Generations Dream Catcher - Purple with Amethyst & Quartz


Weight 0.50 lbs
Hoop Diameter (Inches): 9
Hanging Length (Inches): 38
Price: $85.99
Price: $82.99 (Save 3%)


This beautiful multi-tier dream catcher features five rings, purple leather, dyed feathers, amethyst stones and a stunning quartz crystal in the center of the top hoop. All five tiers of the dream catcher are adorned with turquoise stone chips. The feathers and stones will have natural variations from piece to piece.


Hoop Sizes:

9" (Top Ring)
6" (Second ring) 4" (Third ring)
2.5" (Fourth ring)
1.5" (Bottom ring)

Color: Purple, Amethyst
Material: Leather,  amethyst, quartz