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Zuni Carvings

Zuni carvings represent the animal spirit that is thought to reside inside the stone. Starting in the summer of 2012 we will be adding several of these wonderful hand crafted pieces for sale. More information on Zuni carvings can be found at the Wikipedia Zuni Fetish entry.

  SKU Product Price
RKB7 White Marble Zuni Bear with Black Marble Arrowhead Bundle $125.00
RKB6 White Alabaster Bear with Necklace and Jet Arrow Bundle $155.00
RKB5 White Alabaster Bear with Jet Arrow Bundle and Turquoise Eyes $175.00
RKB3 White Alabaster Bear With Silver Pendant $165.00
RKB2 Robert Kionut Picasso Marble Bear Fetish with Necklace $450.00
RKB1 Robert Kionut Picasso Marble Bear Fetish with Inlay $600.00