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Ed Kabotie Freedom Songs


Tribal Affiliation: Hopi


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The Songs
    1. Clouds is a song that expresses the special relationship that the earth has with the rains. The Hopi chorus describes rising clouds that come to water our corn fields. The song is written in honor and memory of my father, Michael Kabotie.

    2. Grant to me is a prayer to our Creator for us to learn the life lessons and purpose of our life journey. The English chorus is a paraphrase of an excerpt of a prayer from the Oglala medicine man Black Elk.

    3. Kyazho is a guitar and the flute is instrumental. People are often surprised to learn of the importance that the macaw (kyazho) played in ancient culture. This song was written as a tribute to this very special and beautiful bird

    4. Kundawohaa means thank-you in Tewa. The story of Jesus Christ has influenced New Mexico Pueblo cultures for over three hundred years. Kundawohaa is both a Christmas song and Easter song, as it recounts both the birth and resurrection of Christ in Indian.

    5. 7 Cities of Gold reviews the story of the first European contact with the Pueblos from a Native perspective. In the the year 1540, Francisco Vasquez de Cornado entered the southwestern United States in search of the fabled 7 cities of gold.

    6. Freedom Song is intended to be listened to along with the 7 Cities of Gold. Freedom Song is written as a first person account of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 in which the Pueblo and Hopi nations reclaimed their religious liberty from Catholic Spain.

    7. Someday was originally released by the Native rock band XIT in the 70's. It is an anthem of Native people to maintain and regain their identity in the midst of oppressive cultures.

Listen to a few tracks from this album below

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