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Necklaces and Pendants

These beautiful dreamcatcher necklaces and dreamcatcher pendants are made of both natural materials and semi-precious stones as well as metal and silver thread.

  SKU Product Price
montot1-turle Handcrafted Totem pendants $2.49
MONdc15set Dreamcatcher Earrings and pendant set $14.99
MONdc23set Silver dreamcatcher earring and pendant set $15.99
MONdc15p Dreamcatcher pendant with bead $8.49
RM-SC Small Mohawk Feather Choker $24.99
MONdc23P Metallic Dreamcatcher Pendant $7.49
RMLC Large Mohawk Feather Choker $34.99
SBN2 Hand Carved Moose Bone Turtle Necklace with Glass and Nickel Beads $165.00
SBN1 Hand Carved Moose Bone Turtle Necklace with Tree Agate Beads $140.00
MONBT1 Bear Totem Earring and Necklace set $21.99