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The songs above are excerpts from the album and not the full song length.

Cody Sunbear Blackbird, a 2010 Best Debut Artist Native American Award Nominee, mixes his unique blend of flutes and hand drums with traditional Lakota music that has earned him international recognition. He has toured with such acts as Grammy Award winner Joanne Shenandoah, Grammy Award winner Joseph Firecrow, Brule', Medicine Dream and more. Cody is of Eastern Band of Cherokee and Dakota nations and follows the traditional ways of Native American teachings. 

Raven Speaks Track List:

1. To all my Relations (2:55)
2. Raven Speaks (2:51)
3. Lakota Flag Song (4:06)
4. Prayer Song (4:10)
5. The Sacrifice (2:39)
6. Thunder Spirit (3:23)
7. Prairie Winds (3:38)
8 Raven's Flight (4:28)


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