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Beautiful Contemporary Dream Catcher (3 inch)


Weight 0.10 lbs
SKU FSdc03-tan
Price: $14.99


This beautiful 3 inch dream catcher hangs approximately 8 inches long and is adorned with wood and metal beads. It is is available in a few different colors and has been a favorite of many of our customers. The Dream Catcher
The Native American Dream Catcher is attributed to the legend of Asibikaashi (Spider Woman). Composed of a distinctively patterned web that is woven within a circle or hoop, the dream catcher catches the dreams that meander through the night air. Bad dreams become entangled in the intricate pattern of the web, becoming lost, and finally burned away by the morning light. Good dreams, knowing their way through to the center, pass through the small hole, past the feather(s), and down upon the dreamer.