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Robert Kionut

Robert KionutRobert Kionut in his own words:

I was born on October 31,1977 to Merlyn Kionut (Pawnee Oklahoma) and Leola Eriacho (Zuni).
I am from the Pueblo of Zuni and my Clan is Eagle Clan .
I am half Zuni and Caddo and Pawnee and I was raised in the Zuni Pueblo most of my life and believe and practice in the Zuni culture and tradition.

My late grandparents were Sefferino and Loretta Eriacho. My late grandmother Elizabeth Laiwakete. After my parents divorced in 1989 I remained with my mothers family in Zuni.

I have a daughter Alianna Marie Kionut and my sister Paula Kionut and brother John Laiwakete. I have been working on fetish carving for 23 years, since I was 12 years old. I have helped my mother support the family with my art and I have always made my fetishes art as well as working other jobs.Robert Kionut Zuni Artist  Large White Bear

Making my fetishes makes my heart happy. When I see a stone I can already tell what kind of animal its going to be and once my hands get to working on a piece the personality of the animal comes out. A bear, horse, eagle, turtle, it's an awesome feeling to see the finished product. I use various stones when carving.

I am also a Silversmith and make various types of jewelry and at times combine my arts together fetishes and silver to make one piece. I make bracelets and pendants' and bolo ties. In the Zuni culture we respect all animals, and all other living beings. I thank the creature for my creativity, my talent.

We will be adding many pices by Robert over the next several months. If you see a piece you like and it has already been sold please let us know and we can update you when similar items are available.


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